The Most Versatile
On-Camera LED


Accurate Stepless Brightness Controls

The Amaran AL-F7 offers an advanced output readout that includes
stepless controls all the way to 1% (8 lux @ 0.5m, 3200K), allowing
for extremely fine-tuning of your light for shooting in environments
that require very precise lighting scenarios.

Multiple Charging Methods

The Amaran AL-F7 can be charged in several different ways: you can use D-Tap, USB Type-C, or a Sony NP-F series battery. Whether it’s through a power bank, V-Mount battery, or classic Sony NP-F battery, powering this light is easy. With an onboard display on the back of the F7, you can easily see how much battery remains, as well as your brightness and color temperature settings.

Brightness Comes
in a Small Package

The F7 packs 256 high-CRI LED lights into one small panel,
offering a strong output of up to 14000 lux @ 0.3m.
Following the lineage of theAmaran family, the F7 inherits
the fundamental belief that high output, color-accurate
lighting should always be affordable.

Swift & Easy Setup

The AL-F7 makes the shooting process much more efficient and smoothly. The adjustment for the color temperature and brightness can be easily switched back and forth by a simple touch. The built-in memory allows the last settings of the light to be stored automatically without any manual involvement.

Ultra-Wide Color
Temperature Range

The Amaran AL-F7 has a super wide range of 3200K-9500K, allowing you to have more choices for a wide range of shooting conditions. This expanded bicolor option also means that the light’s absolute maximum output will be right at 5500K, or perfect daylight.

Lightweight and Portable

The Amaran AL-F7 weighs only 260g, or just over half a pound. There is a 1/4 screw thread built-in on each of the three sides of the light, making the F7 an extremely versatile light to be used in various settings. In addition, a cold shoe mounting ball head and a canvas bag are also included in the package.