Chimera Lightbank

The Industry Standard For
Soft Light


The Standard for Film & Television

Aputure is proud to be teaming up with Chimera, the world leader in diffusion solutions for the film and television industry, on the creation of a new Lightbank accessory for Aputure’s flagship panel, the LS-1.

Multiple Diffusion Options

The Chimera Lightbank includes two types of high quality diffusion: magic cloth and half grid. These two layers can be used interchangeably or together, giving creative shooters multiple options for softening their light source.

Easy Build

The Chimera Lightbank is specially engineered to easily and intuitively fit onto the LS-1, while reliable staying on the light, no matter your set conditions.

Eggcrate-Style Fabric Grid

The Chimera Lightbank includes an industry grade eggcrate-style fabric grid to help shooters control the spill of their light and have a more refined look.

Chimera Lightbank